Information on Payslip Templates


Specifc information has to be included on a payslip by law. An employer might include other information as needed. It is important to check carefully that all business and personal details are included in the template.

Gross Pay: Total monthly, or weekly, pay before deductions.

Inland Revenue Income Tax: This must be included on the payslip and uses your tax code to calculate the amount due.



National Insurance: This must be shown on the payslip.

Pension Contribution: Any pension scheme deductions.

Net Pay: The amount an employee receives.

Tax Code: The code that is applicable to the employee, issued by the Inland Revenue.

Employee Number: May be added by the employer for admin purposes.

National Insurance Number: Often shown on the payslip.

Different information can be included on the payslip. Ensure that the payslip you use shows the correct information.